The Sony album, which is called Michael, has entered the global chart at the number one spot after it has sold more than 3 million copies in 31 territories.

Jackson died in June 2009 and his album has faced criticism from even his own family members, who have stated that the voice on the LP is not genuine, but that hasn't stopped the record from topping the charts in 4 countries on its debut.

Michael' has also been certified as platinum in 14 countries, including UK, US, France, Germany and Italy. Platinum certification varies in countries. While an artist in the U.S. must sell one million copies of the album to hit platinum, an album in Poland goes platinum after selling 30,000 copies; 50,000 in Russia; 60,000 in Italy and so on.

The LP, which features collaborations with Akon and Lenny Kravitz, came into the UK charts at number four after selling 113,000 copies, making it Jackson's biggest opening sales week since his album 'Dangerous'.


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