Foreign embassies in Rome are on high alert after parcel bombs blasted at the Swiss and Chilean diplomatic missions. In each of the blasts, the staff member opening the parcel was injured.

A Swiss man suffered serious hand injuries while a Chilean man was slightly hurt. Both were members of staff and had been opening packages at their respective embassies when the devices exploded.

An Italian anarchist group said it was behind the attacks in a note found on the clothing of the injured Chilean.

The message, written on behalf of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), said: "We have decided to make our voice heard with words and with facts, we will destroy the system of dominance, long live the FAI, long-live Anarchy."

The Italian intelligence services said in a report to parliament last year that the FAI was "the main national terrorist threat of an anarchist-insurrection list type". Prosecutors have opened an inquiry for an attack with "terrorist" intent.

A suspect package was also reported at the Ukrainian embassy but no dangerous items were found, the embassy told the Reuters news agency.


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