Every year there are hundreds of contests held around the United States to see who can grow the largest pumpkin. This year it seems the winner is a couple from Stillwater Minnesota. Their pumpkin weighs in 1810 pounds, earning it the world record for heaviest pumpkin. The previous record was only 1725 pounds, so this new record pumpkin is 85 pounds heavier than the previous record holder.

Chris and Amy Stevens are the couple who grew this world record pumpkin; and they are currently on their way to New York City for making an appearance popular television show Live with Regis and Kelly.

During the show the couple will officially be given the world record by the Guinness Book of World Records; thereafter the massive pumpkin will be put on display at the New York Botanical Gardens. As is tradition, the pumpkin will be carved the day before Halloween by a master pumpkin carver. Following the carving it will remain on display for approximately a week, depending on how long the pumpkin holds its form.

Reports say the couple used manure, seaweed, rotting fish, and numerous other unique fertilizers to help grow such a massive pumpkin.


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