A 300-pound chimpanzee escaped from its owner Tuesday afternoon and ran wild through a Kansas City neighborhood, scaring walkers, pounding on passing cars and breaking a police car’s windshield.

The 21-year-old ape, named Sueko, also pointed and laughed at residents and flipped off an animal control officer near 78th Street and Indiana Avenue, witnesses said.

The chimp started her adventure by trying to get into neighbours' vehicles and front doors. She then climbed up a tree.

Initial efforts to shoot the animal with a tranquilizer dart failed and the chimp climbed on to a patrol car and struck the passenger-side window with its fist before running off.

Officers were prepared to shoot Sueko dead if she approached a member of the public, but that extreme measure was not called for and her owner was eventually able to coax her into a cage.

Police Capt. Rich Lockhart said that the owner has been cited for having a dangerous animal within city limits.

It is illegal to have a chimp — caged or uncaged — within the city limits of Kansas City, city officials said.


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