While there is a great deal of commemorative merchandise for sale to memorialize Prince Charles and Kate Middleton’s wedding next Friday, April 29, at Westminster Abbey, one of the most popular items has been the “Princess Catherine Engagement Doll” by Arklu wearing the same blue dress she wore to announce their engagement.

On sale for £35 the limited edition doll by Arklu is very popular with UK online shoppers. According to the internet search monitoring company Experian for the week ending April 16, the term “Kate Middleton Doll” was one of the largest retail related search terms.

The Franklin Mint is also selling their own doll-like version of a Kate Middleton, also wearing the blue designer “Issa” dress which Middleton wore at the announcement of her engagement to Prince William in November, 2010.

It remains to be seen if any of the dolls will become collectors' items, however the dolls that have been manufactured in the past such as the late Princess Diana doll and the Prince Charles doll are now being sold for up to $1,950 - a piece.


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