American version of Pokémon Black & White's online functionality is deferred in an effort to "conserve energy resources" in the face of the ongoing disaster in Japan.

While insignificant compared to the suffering endured by victims of the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan, the recent disaster has had a substantial impact on the videogame industry as well. The latest victim is the American version of the Pokémon Dream World, which was scheduled to arrive at the end of March.

According to “The Pokémon Company”, the delay is part of the need to "conserve energy resources" in the wake of the disaster that hit earlier this month. The ongoing situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant has prompted Japanese authorities to schedule periodic blackouts.

The American version of the Dream World was scheduled to go live March 30, but has now been delayed indefinitely. It's one of the key features of Pokemon Black and White, making it possible to upload individual monsters into what amounts to a browser game. Rewards include special berries and Pokemon with unique abilities.


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