A Bomb designed to cause heavy casualties was set off inside Russia's Domodedova airport on Monday. President Dmitri Medvedev says it appears to have been a terrorist attack. The lethal blast at Russia's busiest airport on Monday night left 35 dead and over 150 injured.

Speaking on Russian TV, he called for added security at all of Moscow's airports, and announced an emergency meeting of security chiefs at the Kremlin. Medvedev expressed condolences for the victims and their families.  Medvedev said, "We need to make sure that all those who suffered get the required support."

Authorities are quoted as saying the explosion occurred in the crowded entrance area of the international arrivals terminal. Russian TV says the suicide bomber packed a homemade device containing metal objects to make it that much more deadly. Witnesses said the bomber shouted: "I will kill you all", before triggering the blast that sent ball bearings and shrapnel across the airport, The Independent reported on its website on Tuesday.

The Domodedova airport is closed to international arrivals, which are being diverted to Moscow's other airports, but departing flights are operating normally.


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