Zynga confirmed on Tuesday that the launch of its latest game, CityVille, is its largest to date.

In the first 24 hours after its November 18 launch, CityVille attracted 290,000 players. In comparison, FrontierVille - previously Zynga's largest game launch to date - attracted about 116,000 players in one day and now boasts about 6.5 million players every day, Zynga said.

CityVille allows players to build and manage their dream metropolis. Within the game, the creator acts as the city's manager. Players can build infrastructure, map out roads, plan schools, and start businesses. They will also oversee commerce in their city. Users can import and export goods, bring in items from other cities across the globe, and trade with other players.

Since its launch, 2.7 million residences and 50,000 bakers have been built, 5 million sections of road have been laid down, and 25 percent of players have set up franchises in friend's game boards, Zynga said.


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