On Saturday, Iranian television aired a documentary in which a woman whose stoning sentence caused global outrage staged a graphic reconstruction of her husband's murder for which she faces possible hanging.

In a half-hour film, Ashtiani acts out her supposed role in the murder of her husband in a reconstruction filmed in black-and-white in a shaky hand-held camera style, accompanied by dramatic music. It is not clear why she had agreed to take part in the film.

Dressed in black with a brown head scarf, Ms. Ashtiani, 43, demonstrated how she gave her husband an injection that rendered him unconscious, before her lover, identified as Isa Taheri, entered the house and electrocuted the man.

With an actor portraying the husband, Ms. Ashtiani described how it took several attempts before the electrical wires, attached to his foot and waist, had the desired lethal effect.

"He had decided to kill my husband by electrocuting him," she says in the interview.

The reconstruction is interspersed with actual photographs of the dead man, Ibrahim Abedzadeh, with vivid burns on his body. The murder happened in 2005.


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