The world of surfing is mourning the early death of 32-year-old surfing legend Andy Irons.

With his first child due next month, surfing legend Andy Irons was found dead in a Dallas hotel room yesterday morning.

The three-time world champion was scheduled to return home to Hawaii, but reportedly felt sick and booked the room in Texas for a night. An employee found him in bed around 10 a.m. local time.

While an official cause of death has not been determined, the surfer's family released a statement saying, "[Andy] had reportedly been battling with dengue fever, a viral disease."

Meanwhile, a quantity of methadone, along with other medication, was found on a bedside table in Irons' hotel room, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Rumors of drug use have often surrounded the athlete, but surfing writer Nick Carroll says he doubted any foreign substances played a role in his death. "Andy, at times during his life, was an energetic party boy, but he really seemed to have shrugged that off in the last year or two," Carroll said. "His wife was pregnant with their first child and she's about a month from delivery."


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