DreamWorks 3D animated comedy "Megamind," voiced by Brad Pitt and Will Ferrell, by grossing around $48 million, took first place at the domestic box office this weekend.

"Due Date," starring Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis, had to settle for second place with $33 million. It cost $65 to develop, putting the movie in good position to end up with a hefty profit. "It was a huge weekend in general, and 'Due Date' did fabulously," said Warner Bros.

Landing in third place is Tyler Perry's R-rate "For Colored Girls," which grossed slightly over $20 million and becoming another hit for Perry. The film cost only $21 million to develop. "It was primarily Tyler Perry's fans and fans of the cast and of the property itself," said Lionsgate.

On the limited front, Danny Boyle's survival drama "127 Hours" opened in only four sold-out theaters, grossing $265,125, which is an incredible $66,481 per theater. Despite its start, the plan is to expand slowly and delay the wide release until December 3rd.

Sean Penn's "Fair Game" political drama opened in 45 theaters, grossing $700,000, which is $15,217 per location.


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