A 20 year old man, who can fit a soft drink can sideways in his flexible mouth, has won the World's Widest Mouth title at the "Big Mouth" competition.

Francisco Domingo Joaquim, from Angola, was discovered by researchers for the Guinness Book of World Records on YouTube. They spent two years tracking him down, UK media reports.

Joaquim, whose mouth is 17cm wide, shot to stardom on the streets of Luanda, the capital of Angola, performing jaw-dropping tricks. He has even performed on Italian TV, popping a can in and out of his mouth 14 times in a minute.

At the Big Mouth competition, Joaquim competed alongside others who crammed saucers, coffee cups and beer bottles into their mouths.

Joaquim said it was a "dream come true" to be honored as a Guinness World Record-holder.


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