Android's footprint in the UK grew over 4 times larger in the spring, analysts at GfK found today. Google's smartphone platform gushed from just 3% in the UK during the winter to 13.2% by the end of June. The company didn't publicly release other OS data but suggested that it meant shoppers were now deliberately seeking out Android, not just the phones.

Researchers didn't credit any particular devices, but HTC's wave of 2010 phones like the Legend and Desire have been some of the strongest sellers. Unlike the US, Motorola has a tiny effect on European sales.

The share spike could cause trouble for Apple's attempts to control the European market. The iPhone has made large strides in Europe but has also benefited from a relative amount of security as Android hadn't caught on significantly in the continent. Most Android sales are still centered in the US, where Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all consider Android their premier phone OS of choice.


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