According to the latest report from NetApplications, Google's Chrome browser continues to take market share at a rapid rate, and is continuing its pace to exceed the 10 percent milestone by the end of the year.

For the month ended 31st May, Chrome moved to 7.05 percent share, up from 6.73 percent at the end of April.

Google's gain came at the expense of Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox, which both continue to lose share on a continuing basis.

IE, which once owned 93 percent of the market, fell to 59.69 percent from 59.95 at the end of April and Firefox dropped to 24.35 from 24.95 percent.

Apple's Safari, which continues to see growth but at a very slow pace, rose to 4.77 percent from 4.72 the month before.

Additionally, IE6, the aging browser which has seen its reputation hit repeatedly over the past year fell to under 10 percent for the first time ever.


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