It is not 'all is well' for Internet Explorer now. The market leader once upon a time is now in critical stage. As per product life cycle it may be in its maturity stage but undoubtedly it's losing its command over the browsers market.

Janco Associates, a management consulting firm in US has conducted a survey on market shares of Browsers and Operating Systems in which it has been found out that the IE from Microsoft is having a very poor response and its market share has dropped to an historic low below 60%.

This was the lowest ever show since Internet Explorer 4 passed Netscape in the year 1999.

Apart from that, according to bean counters at Net Applications, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is currently having 59.95% of market share. Around 30 months ago it was the lone leader in the market with a mammoth 80% share of the market.

As per the market experts now it is facing tough competition from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple's Safari etc.


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