Israel had previously banned the iPad and confiscated some of them out of fear that it would hamper with their electronic signals. This is especially true in Israel where they are afraid of any interference with their secret and high tech observations of their neighbors, especially Iran. Even tourists were forbidden from bringing in the iPad just when Apple was starting its blitz in gaining foreign market sales. The visitors and tourists were even charged a storage fee when the iPad was confiscated at Ben-Gurion international airport. Israel was considerate enough in that they gave the tourists a option of paying a storage fee or paying for the iPad to be shipped home.

But, this ban was suddenly upturned, as announced by the head of the communications ministry Moshe Kahlon. Tests conducted by Israeli technology experts have now given the all clear to the iPad. The iPad has now been removed from the Israeli “cherem” which is the list of things prohibited from entering the Jewish state.

The device does need an additional “app” for the user to be able to type in Hebrew. Israel uses the same standards as the EU (European Union) and it was weird that no protests at all came out of Europe.


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