Nokia will be expanding its business to new horizons by acquiring Novarra. It is an Illinois-based company that develops mobile web browser technologies; the company is based in Chicago. This acquisition will lead Nokia into the battle for purchasing the mobile Web browser developer.

Nokia has taken the strategic decision to purchase Novarra to keep its dominance in mobile phone market intact. Nokia has expressed its views by appreciating the mobile browser technology and services of Novarra and expects that the acquisition will improve the Internet and surfing experience on the Nokia offerings.

The drive will make Nokia’s foothold stronger in the market as it will enable Nokia to captivate customer’s interest. It is believed that the acquisition will have little or no effect on the customers residing in United States because a latest comScore survey has placed Nokia at the fourth position in the mobile phone market in the United States.

Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President of Services for Nokia said, "Connecting the next billion consumers to the Internet will happen primarily on mobile devices and delivering an optimized internet experience on our devices is core to our mission. By driving innovation in all segments of our portfolio, we are building one of the largest consumer audiences for web services and content. Novarra's Internet services technology delivered on the world's most widely-used mobile platform, Nokia's Series 40, will help us achieve this."


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