ComScore issued its latest report on smartphone usage in the United States for the three months ending January 2010. Google moved up significantly, while Palm dropped a few (more) percentage points. RIM, however, remains champion.

ComScore looked at those using cell phones aged 13 and over in the U.S. There are 234 million such subscribers. Research In Motion saw a small bit of growth, swelling from 41.3% of smartphone users to 43.0%. Apple's presence grew less, climbing from 24.8% to 25.1%. Microsoft was the biggest loser, and saw its share erode from 19.7% to 15.7%. (Microsoft introduced Windows Mobile 6.5 in October 2009.) Google jumped up from 2.8% to 7.1%. Last, Palm dropped from 7.8% to 5.7%, hitting last place in the U.S. market (not counting Nokia's S60).


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