With an impressive marketing agenda promising a better experience for all when using Windows 7, it surely does seem as if Microsoft has finally hit the nail on the head in terms of getting the message out about the post-Vista operating system. Over the past three months while Windows 7 has been available to the masses, NetMarketShare has detected impressive growth in terms of market penetration.

With most recent figures dating to the 31st of January, Windows 7 is fast approaching 10% market share, again, with the last measure a few days ago at 9.23%. Windows 7’s predecessor, Windows Vista, current holds about 18% market share, with XP holding a whopping 66%. Mac, on the other hand, holds just over 4% in market penetration.

Still, Windows 7 shows no signs of stopping in terms of penetration. More and more folks frustrated with Vista are making the move to Windows 7 — which promises “less clicks”, and less issues with software/hardware compatibility.

It could even be that Windows 7 has even surpassed the 10% marker, considering we haven’t come across a reading for the first two days in February. Either way, we know where this is going.


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