Google has announced the “next generation of ad serving technology for online publishers” with its upgrades to the DoubleClick online advertising system, known simply as DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP).

In essence the upgrade combines the current DoubleClick display advertising model with better Google-optimised algorithms and analytics which will maximise DoubleClick ad performance online and allow users to track the progress of adverts more easily.

To put it simply, the search engine has finally come around to properly integrating DoubleClick into the Google family. Since Google acquired DoubleClick in March 2008, the service has remained largely unchanged – a bolt-on to the seemingly inexhaustible list of Google products; now DoubleClick has been “Googlefied” to mesh the product into the Google brand.

The new features of DFP include a brand new interface which has been changed to make it more intuitive, user-friendly and to reduce errors. Customers will have access to more detailed reporting and analytics as well as future forecasting to measure the effectiveness of current online advertising campaigns and to make the most of future campaigns.

Google has upgraded the DoubleClick algorithm to optimise ad performance and relevance as well as making opening up the API which will allow developers to add their own apps and modifications to the system.

The DFP will come in two separate packages, one for large online publishers and social media networks, and one for developing publishers and small businesses. The version for small businesses will be free to download, the full DFP will have to be paid for by the larger publishers.


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