When companies take their businesses out of the country, they encounter a myriad of standards, technical regulations and compliance issues, which differ from country to country. While these improve safety, health and environmental safety, they are also a significant difficulty for exporters wishing to bring products to the global market. To help them defeat these hurdles, SPRING Singapore set up the Export Technical Assistance Centre (ETAC) in 2006, in partnership with other government agencies, regulatory establishment and industry associations.

Gaining the competitive edge

ETAC provides enterprises with information on values and conformance-related export requirements. Although ETAC focuses on the food, electrical/ electronic and environmental sectors, the centre also provides support to other industries. The ETAC team analyses new technical system to identify industry needs arising from the latest regulatory requirements, such as difficult and certification. ETAC also proactively conducts studies on existing system to assess their impact on industry and provides inputs to Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations.


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