This is a news feed and informational source for all things related to the coming recession which could be the greatest recession of the 21st century. Many economic advisors are warning of the biggest recession since the Great Depression of 1929 and these sentiments are echoed on this blog. We invite our readers to have an open mind while learning about this subject as the huge wealth of information can be confusing and counter-intuitive but that is the nature of the modern economy.

How Do I Protect My Savings And Investments?

This is a problem many people are asking themselves now as pensions, savings accounts and property investments all get hit by the downturn and the menace of monetary inflation. Those who have debt rather than savings are frantically trying to refinance their loans and mortgages after coming off fixed deals but despite low interest rates the safest place to be now is to have savings in safe commodities and no debt.

Hyperinflation, What It Is and How to Avoid It?

Hyperinflation also known as "Tiger Inflation" is the leading scare we have looming over the world economy, the possibility that countries throughout the world will hyperinflate their currencies away in a bid to inflate away their debts which is essentially a way of diluting all debts in a currency among all shareholders of that currency, what do I mean by shareholders? Basically anyone with any money held in that currency. A good example of this is that a dollar today would be worth 33% less if inflation went up 50% and a lot less if that was compounded each year. This is why safe commodities are the best option because they protects against hyperinflation better than any other investment in the long term.


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